TRX - Pilates Style

Pilates TRX.  What is that?  What does the TRX stand for?  

Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training (aka TRX) bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously -  Standard TRX training engages only a few muscle groups at a time which helps build strength.  With Pilates TRX, the core is engaged the entire time creating stability during the workout.   


Class Saturday - talk about a challenging workout.  At first you may be skeptical because you are utilizing ropes hanging from the wall.  The ropes are your friend, and your core's best enemy.  Class starts with stretching and familiarizing yourself with suspending from the wall.  To some, it might feel like you are waterskiing behind a boat that isn't moving.  During the workout, your core is engaged, taking pressure off of your back as you perform the exercises.  Plank is done at a 45 degree angle in the air, and roll ups are done with your feet hanging in the straps.  The suspension adds an element of cardio.  Trust me, you will sweat!   

Unlike a typical TRX class, time is taken for each exercise.  The proper position and engaging of the core is key.  Class was like a combination of machine work and mat class. It challenges your body and mind.  Your arms are going to shake, but it is worth it!   Plus it was a lot of FUN!!!

 If you have the desire to challenge yourself and your core - come check out Pilates TRX class.   To find out more about class please visit here or call!