The Pilates Approach


The Pilates approach is a unique system of stretching that strengthens and tones muscles, improving posture, flexibility and balance. Pilates helps you train your mind and body to work together toward the goal of overall fitness. This technique gives you a more stream-lined body, and relieves most back pain. All Pilates movements initiate from the central core (abdominal muscles) and move outward to the extremities with long fluid movements and controlled breathing. Strengthening the core muscles will help support your spine, internal organs, and lower back, strengthening the skeletal system without impacting your joints. Using controlled breathing techniques and long fluid movements, the workout oxygenates the blood, releases endorphins, provides stress relief, and aides lymphatic drainage.

✴ Please note: As with any exercise program, if you are pregnant, injured, ill, or in any way incapacitated, it is imperative that you get the consent of your doctor first.


Personal Instruction


During private sessions, with the aid of classic Pilates exercise equipment, we will improve your strength, flexibility, core control, balance, and posture with increased stretching and added resistance. These special Pilates apparatus will allow your instructor to customize the fitness routine to your body’s specific needs.



Group Classes/ Machine Work Classes



We recommend that you call or schedule online in advance to reserve your space, our classes do fill up quickly!   



Group Mat Classes (Ten People Per Class Max):

Single Session Mat $15 / Ten Sessions $110

Group Machine Work Sessions (4 People Per Session Max): 

Single session Machine Work $25 / Ten Sessions $220

Individual Sessions (One-On-One Instruction By Appointment Only):

Single Session $70

Ten Sessions $650

Twenty Sessions $1240

Duet Sessions (Instruction For Two By Appointment Only):

Single Session $50 Per Person

Ten Sessions $450 Per Person

Twenty Sessions $860 Per Person


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