What do WE mean by... "Holistic?"

"Holistic" has been quite the buzz-word for the past few years. It seems to be all over  signs, billboards, websites, brochures, and on and on... but sometimes when a word is used so frequently, it can lose its meaning, or we can begin to take for granted that we know what it means without further thought.  

In our modern world that has begun to place further and further value on specialization, it has become easy to start to view our body's imbalances from an isolating perspective - a perspective that focuses in on the very specific function of the mind or body in regards to the imbalance, and tries to alter it without acknowledgement that each function of the mind or body has an intricate, delicate, and intelligent connection to one another.  

A "holistic" approach is one that attempts to utilize the benefits of specialization - including an extremely thorough understanding of specific systems of the body - while still recognizing that these systems are connected.  For a practitioner to work in a holistic setting, they must embrace their particular modality, while also accepting and acknowledging the benefits of looking at an imbalance from multiple perspectives.  

We so deeply value each and every practitioner and instructor that participates at Body Synergy, and find that the difference between a good practitioner and a great one, is passion.  Each practitioner here is deeply committed to sharing their passion for wellness in the particular framework that they have mastered with their clients, and also respects the gifts that other modalities and practitioners can offer to the larger picture of health, wellness, and quality of life to each individual client.

We have recently integrated into our offerings at Body Synergy a Qi Gong class for all levels.  Qi Gong is an ancient practice, translating to "life energy cultivation," incorporating breath, movement, and sometimes sound to accumulate and circulate "Qi" or "life energy."  This class is taught by the wonderful Elizabeth Elzey, L.Ac. - our on-site acupuncturist.  We are so grateful for the beautiful perspective and gifts that Elizabeth brings to our work and our clients.

Come join us for the class every Saturday at 9a.m. and get your weekend started off full of energy!

Thank you for taking such good care of yourself.